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STOP IT®Pipe Repair System

STOP IT®Pipe Repair Tape is a knitted, fiberglass tape coated with special urethane resins that are water-activated. It is ideal for repair of pipe leaks and reinforcing pipe joints in any situation – even under water! This in-field repair system can be quickly applied – one man, no tools, no hot work and it fully cures to a hard, durable repair in 30 minutes.


Use the best pipe leak reapair team to get back on-stream in 30 minutes. Using FIX STIX™ epoxy and STOP IT® Pipe Repair Tape - the combination will solve pipe leak and joint reinforcement problems.


  • Quick setting in-field pipe repair
  • Works on metal and plastic pipes
  • Stops Leaks and reinforces joints
  • Great pressure retention
  • One-person - 30 minutes
  • No hot work - no special tools
  • Can be applied under water
  • Mininmize lost production due to unschedule shutdowns
  • Used on potable water lines
  • Safe, simple to use

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STOP IT® Usage Guide
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FIX STIXTM20-Minute Epoxy

This simple, easy to use epoxy stick will stop leaks, fill holes and cracks fast. FIX STIXTM sets rock hard in about 20 minutes, works underwater and in a wide temperature range. FIX STIXTM can be machined, threaded and painted after fully curing.
Fix anything...FAST! A hand-moldable, steel filled epoxy...stops leaks, fills holes and cracks and can be used as an adhesive. Conformable, safe and simple-to-use. Stops leaks, fill holes and cracks fast. Sets rock hard in 20 minutes in a wide range of temperatures. No hot work, measuring, or special tools required. Ready to use. FIX STIX™ is pre-measured, non-toxic, solvent free, with little odor. It can be used on potable water lines. FIX STIX™ will not shrink, crack or pull away and it has exceptional chemical resistance. Additionally, FIX STIX™ can be machined, threaded and painted after it has fully cured.

Fix Stix Technical Info
Fix Stix Chemical Compatibility

Fix Stix MSDS



FUSION TAPETM bonds into a permanent, inseparable, cohesive insulator at room temperature and has a dielectric strength of 400 volts/mil. This remarkable tape maintains its insulating, sealing and elastic properties in a wide range of temperatures. Also, it resists moisture and ozone, making it an excellent environmental insulator.

Heavy duty, self-bonding, self-fusing, seamless silicone tape. FUSION TAPETM won't crack or separate with sudden shock, vibration, expansion, or contraction. It is not tacky to the touch and requires no heat or tools to promote fusion. Simple to use, all purpose self-fusing tape is an ideal alternative to shrink wrap tubing and vinyl tapes.

Fusion Tape Technical Info


STOP IT®Pipe Repair Clamp

When product flow cannot be interrupted, contain the leak with a STOP IT® Pipe Repair Clamp. This handy tool is uniquely faced with Teadit® expanded PTFE which is the most effective seal for all aggressive chemicals and is food grade acceptable.

Pipe Repair Clamp Technical Info


EMERGENCY Leak Control Kits

The newest additions to our line of leak sealing products are here! Our STOP IT® Pipe Repair System customers have long asked "What about leaks in drums, tanks, and vessels"? The answer: STOP IT® Emergency Leak Control KitsTM.

EMERGENCY Leak Control Kits Technical Info